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my photography, Adult coloring work & mixed media photography, along with what I have been going through & also currently going through since July 2019

Hello and my name is Chris

this site is a blog style of site so i can share my story, what i am currently going through, along what have been through since July 07 2019, the day I feel and injured my right knee really bad. This site will include both informative information, personal stories without going to personal for HIPAA laws purposes along with showing my adult coloring masterpieces, mixed media photography i have been doing and along with some of my past photography work edited up and other things i have been doing or currently doing to pass the time while in a skilled nursing home do to my current conduction.

Some of my photography work from before my fall where i injured my knee

before injured my knee, I use to go out often with my camera shooting around
different places, events, group shoots, models and portraiture session

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Hello, feel free to contact me and i will get back to you within the
next 24 to 48 hours if not sooner. Thank you and have a great day
- P.S I will not reply to rude and or disrespectful emails sent to me.
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